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is a growing oilfield services company operating in many of the major oil and natural gas producing regions of the United States. We provide a wide range of wellsite solutions to oil and natural gas companies, primarily technical pumping services and down-hole surveying services.

We focus on offering technologically advanced equipment and services at competitive prices, which we believe allows us to successfully compete against both major oilfield services companies and smaller, independent service providers.

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2011 Audited Financial Statements"
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Packers & Service Tools (a subsidiary of SWSI), will no longer be using a separate Web site. Please contact Chad Picard at 337-209-0414, for any PST related inquires.


Superior Wins 2009 World Oil Award
Click here to read the press release.


Superior Selected by Marathon Oil for EXCAPE® Completion Process License

Read the press release (pdf).


Superior develops new salt tolerant Friction Reducer for Shale fracturing

WFR-3B is a new liquid, non-damaging friction reducer design specifically to be more compatible with shale formations. This FR lowers pumping pressure and reduces HHP requirements from 50 to 75%. WFR-3B has the ability to build increased viscosity, if needed, allowing for improved proppant sweeps. WFR-3B offer unique patented technology that gives improved performance in fresh water and brine solutions up to 7% KCL and in many cases high concentrations of flowback water. Contact your local SWSI sales or technical representative for more information on this unique product.


Superior Has Backyard Advantage With Marcellus Shale
Superior gains competitive advantage in capturing a significant portion of well service in the area. Read the press release.

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