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Stimulation Servicing | Superior's Stimulation Capabilities | Superior Quality Control & Benefits

Superior Well Services offers a full line of products, equipment, engineering and experience to meet and exceed your stimulation requirements. Superior is committed to providing our customers with the latest technology in stimulation services. Superior's custom designed blending and pumping equipment bring reliability and state of the art technology to every well site. Our engineers and service personnel bring many years of experience and training to every job. Products and equipment are always carefully designed to obtain the optimum results for the customer's stimulation needs.

Stimulation Servicing

Stimulation treatments are used to increase the natural production of fluids from producing formations. Typically acid or a proppant is placed into the producing formation to produce a highly conductive pathway to the wellbore. This pathway then increases the flow rate of oil or natural gas from the well.

Acid, water, oil or a mixture of fluids are blended with additional materials to develop viscosity and other properties desirable for the selected formation to be stimulated. This acid system or fracturing system is then pumped into the formation creating a pathway. In many cases the pressure and rate used for injection is greater than the rock itself, and the rock cracks open or fractures. When the treatment is pumped at fracture rates, proppant is placed into the formation to hold the fracture open once the pressure is removed.


Superior's Stimulation Capabilities

Superior's network of service centers can schedule a stimulation treatment for any well in any location. Based on the treatment design, a stimulation crew meeting the requirements will be dispatched to the jobsite. With the latest in automated blending and pumping equipment you can be assured the treatment will be pumped as planned.

40,000 Hydraulic Horsepower per wellsite - Superior can provide up to 40,000 HHP of pumping power to the well site at treating pressures up to 10,000 psi. Superior's total HHP company-wide is 153,000 HHP, and growing.

130 Barrel per Minute Pumping Rates - Blending equipment can provide up to 130 BPM of rate. If required multiple blenders can be used to increase total rate as required.

Additive Blending - Any one treatment can have up to 3 dry additives, 4 liquid additives and proppant added in a automated and computerized continuous fashion during the treatment.


Superior Quality Control & Benefits

Quality Control
The recent advances in computer and data acquisition are fully utilized in Superior's stimulation equipment. Pressures, rates and densities of all fluids and dry materials are controlled and monitored by electronic process controls. Materials are closely monitored by visual inspection and quality testing at the jobsite.

Key Benefits
- Experienced and trained personal deliver predictable well performance
- Trend-setting technologies and local experience maximize stimulation results
- Market oriented equipment and materialsİdelivery the highest cost to benefit ratio inİstimulation