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Superior Well Services offers a full line of products, equipment and engineering experience to satisfy your wireline requirements, and is committed to reliability and employing current proven technology in wireline services. Our engineers and service personnel bring many years of experience and training to every jobsite. Services, products and equipment are carefully designed and maintained to obtain the optimum results for the customer's wireline needs.

Wireline Servicing

Wireline services are used throughout well construction to survey well properties and perform mechanical procedures required to identify and isolate producing formations. Surveys provide identification of reservoir and wellbore characteristics such as type, quality and quantity. Mechanical procedures include isolation, communication and plugging operations.

Surveys are used to describe reservoir properties and characteristics such as formation lithology, mineral types, porosity, permeability, fluid composition as a function of depth. Surveys can provide qualitative and quantitative descriptions of the well. A computer generated report serves to describe the open hole portion of the wellbore.

Mechanical operations in the wellbore include numerous operations. One operation is perforating well casing or tubing to provide communication to the wellbore. Another common operation is isolating sections of the wellbore with bridge plugs or fracturing plugs for production or completion purposes.


Superior Capabilities

Superior's network of service centers can schedule wireline services for any well in any location. Based on the services required, a wireline crew and equipment meeting the requirements will be dispatched to the jobsite. With proven technologies you can be assured the job will be done right.

Open Hole Services
Superior can provide wellbore caliper, natural gamma ray, wellbore temperature, resistivity, induction, acoustic, compensated neutron and bulk density surveys up to 15,000 feet of depth.

Computed Products
Computed generated products can determine reservoir fluid and formation types and volumes over the sections surveyed.

Pressure Services
Pressure lubricators and hoisting equipment is available for wireline services at pressures up to 4,000 psi.

Full Cased Hole Product Line
Superior stocks a full line of common cased hole products. Special order products are generally available within a day. Superior also offers back-off services.


Superior Benefits

Key Benefits
- Experienced and trained personal deliver dependable nitrogen services at your jobsite.
- Newly designed equipment and proven technologies maximize product and reduce equipment requirements.


Wireline Products

Open Hole Products
Open hole products are typically used in the drilled bore in the well. Open hole products generally define the properties and characteristics of the surrounding strata. Superior offers numerous computed products for interpretation of open hole logging surveys. Many of the calculations can be provided directly at the well site.

Cased Hole Products
Cased hole products are typically used with an installed tubular in the wellbore. Cased hole products either describe or influence the tubular in which they are used. Superior offers a wide variety of wireline conveyed cased hole products. Many of the items are in stock in common sizes and ready for use.